Goal Achievement

What is the point of setting a goal if you can't/won't achieve it?  Allow me the honor of partnering with you on your goal setting and if you are not successful in achieving it, I will refund your money*.  Simple as that! 

Here's how it works;
  • We partner on setting ONE goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (or SMART).
  • We craft very specific actionable items with clear deadlines and accountablility plans
  • I commit to staying in contact with you for 30 days to measure progress, address obstacles, and strategize hurdles toward goal achievement
The cost for this Goal Setting partnership is $30.  Yes it's missing a zero in the price but I've come to realize something; you are not successful, I won't be either!  After we've achieved our first goal together, take the lessons I've shared and apply them to as many goals as you like!

No more excuses and no more rationalizing your future away!  Let's get started NOW!


*You must commit to taking the necessary steps to achieve the goal in the agreed upon time frame in our coaching relationship.  All goals must be achievable in 45 days.