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Dare To Succeed
* Best Seller in eight different categories including five #1's!
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The Ultimate Success Guide
* Best Seller in five different categories! 
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Transitioning From A Task Leader To A Team Leader

Making the transition from an individual contributor to being responsible for the work of others is key to ensuring a successful leadership role.  This powerful 4 CD, Action Guide, and book set is packed with reflection questions, action items, and priority exercises essential to a successful leadership transition.  Based off of personal experience and researched best practices, this set is sure to provide the necessary tools for anyone currently involved in or seriously considering a change on their leadership journey.  As an added bonus, each order includes a free 30 minute leadership coaching session with Executive Coach and Best-Selling author Alonzo kelly ($90 Value)!  

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Transitioning From a Team Leader to a Leader of Leaders

Leadering a team of indivudal contributors and leading a team of individuals with decision making authority is very different.  This 4 CD, Action Guide, and Manuscript set focuses on the essentials of making this transition as quickly as possible.  Key areas of focus include understanding new expectations from the organization, staff, and customers, as well as priortizing the action items in the first 90 days in the new role.  As an added bonus, each set includes a 45 minute executive coaching session with Leadership Development Expert and Best-Selling Author Alonzo Kelly ($200 Value)!

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Life Leadership Resources

My very good friends Tom and Liz Moris are part of an amazing company with incredible resources!  Check their link to view products that will not only improve your leadership but also your finances! 

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